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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin resulting in improved tone and texture.

How it Works

Chemical peels improve your skin by repairing your underlying tissues. The result is an esthetic improvement of your overlying tissues. This is accomplished through intentional damage to the first layer of skin, the epidermis, and penetration into the underlying layer, the dermis. The level of penetration depends on the chemical composition used and the area to be treated. Chemical peels improve skin tone and texture, minimize fines lines, decrease dark spots caused by sun damage, and improve the appearance of acne, acne scarring, and oily skin. Peels should be scheduled three to four weeks apart to allow ample time for healing. Treatments are usually done in a series of three to six sessions. A chemical peel uses exfoliating acids and tyrosinase inhibitors. Tyrosinase is the skin enzyme that creates melanin. The chemical peel stimulates collagen. Your face peels because your skin is resurfacing from the cellular level.

What to Expect

We provide pre and post care products for you to acclimate their skin and prepare it for the peel. During the peeling process, you may feel mild discomfort, warmth or stinging, which subsides quickly. Immediately after the peel, you feel as though they have a slight sunburn. Your skin may be slightly pink.

After Your Treatment

Avoid washing your face for four to six hours. The peeling process starts around day two and may continue for five days. Avoid picking your peeling skin, it MUST be allowed to peel naturally. Abrasive and resurfacing products should be discontinued for seven days post peel procedure. Your skin may become temporarily photosensitive. It’s recommended you avoid direct sunlight for two weeks. You should avoid scheduling peels in the height of summer. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for about 14 days following the service. Daily moisturizer with SPF is a must and should become part of your routine. Remember that SPF should be reapplied every three to four hours throughout the day and into the sunset.

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