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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep Apnea Therapy treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), an often life-threatening but highly treatable disease.

How it Works

We provide you with one of our portable sleep study machines to use in the comfort of your home. During the night, the machine records valuable data regarding your sleep experience, including apneas, hypopneas, oxygen desaturation, bruxism (clenching or grinding), and your snoring index. When you return the machine to us the next day we upload this information and send it to a sleep physician to read, so we can determine your level of OSA and the best approaches for the treatment of your problem.

What to Expect

We begin treatment by taking measurements with a rhinometer and a pharyngometer. This allows us to determine the precise jaw position for providing you with the most oxygen during sleep. We then decide upon the appropriate type of appliance for you. Impressions of your teeth and a bite are taken so that we may have the appliance fabricated. Once the appliance has been created, we fit the appliance for you.

After Your Treatment

You return to the office for a two-week follow-up visit to determine whether any final adjustments to the appliance are necessary. Depending upon your individual situation, we will see you again three or six months later. During one of these visits, we will once again give you the portable sleep study machine to use, to ensure that the appliance is effective in treating your OSA. Most medical insurances cover the fabrication of OSA appliances.

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