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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening brightens your smile in as little as two weeks with customized take-home trays.

How it Works

During the office visit, we create molds which are used to design your custom-fitting trays. These custom-made trays are for you to use at home for the whitening process. When the trays are ready, we schedule a fitting and go over the directions for applying the whitening solution. The at-home treatment usually takes one hour each day for two to three weeks, or until you see the results you desire.

What to Expect

· Your teeth will be brighter in as little as two to three weeks

      · You can stop whitening once you see the improved level of a brighter smile

      · You can start treatment whenever you see a need for whiter teeth

      · Tooth whitening may exacerbate existing tooth sensitivity

After Your Treatment

Your teeth may be more sensitive for a short time after treatment. However, this increased sensitivity will disappear. Repeat the whitening process whenever you notice that your smile needs a refreshing look.


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